Tusheti - Day 2

Second day up in Tusheti. First day driving the sheep. From Girevi over to an accomodation on Mount (Gora) Pitsilanta (2.971 m) at 42°23'44" N 45°37'7" E.

Starting from Girevi in the morning counting sheep. Chief shepherd counted each twenty sheep leaving the fold yard and yelled, A second shepherd answered the yell and scratched a mark on his walking stick with a strong knife. The sum was 1.032 invcluding some goats. Always along the Alazani River (Pirikita Alazani) we passed many left stone towers and the villages of Baso, Parsma, Cesho, Dano, Dartlo and then uphill Gora Pitsilanta.

On its peak we celebrated the ascension, the incredible panorama and the even more incredible sunset with some Tschatscha and the day's highlight - at least for me - to come: Drifting the sheep downhill through a pine and birch forest in the dimming light of an autmn evening.

When darkness had set in we reached our accomodation. A big meal and small but very well kept three bed rooms in a wonderful wooden hoese waited for us. Our hosts had come back from Kvermo Alvanti just for us as the tourist season was finished already.

Video of itinerary Tusheti - Day 2