Tbilisi Houses of Prayer - Tiflis Gotteshäuser

Georgia and especially Tbilisi have a long tradition of people different religous believes. But most of these people have left. Muslims, once numerous as conquerors, have avnished. Just one percent of Tbilisi inhabitants are Muslims nowadays. The jewish community also was a big one. Most of it resettled to Israel in the 1970s.

Nevertheless Mosques and Synagoges are wellkept and renovated these days. We visited some. We even met Jews in Batumi. They said it is farely common for Israelis to spend holidays in Georgia.

The Georgian Apostolic Autocephalous Orthodox Church is a unique Georgian invention reaching back to the 4th century, has its own Patriarch and represents the religion of 75 % of the Georgian people. I assume it is the religion that forms the Georgian people even more than their common history.

Video Houses of Prayer in Tbilisi