From Tbilisi to Tusheti

Reisebericht 2016. In order to reach Tusheti in Great Caucasus we left in Tbilisi in the morning heading east. We crossed the Gombori, a lovely mountain range in central Kakheti up to 2.000 m.

After 70 km on excellent roads we reached Kakheti's capital Telawi (georgisch თელავი, Telavi) where we visitied the vivid market full of products of this ferile region. The Alazani valley between the Gombori range and the Great Caucasus in the north is Georgia's - and the wolrd's - oldest wine region.

In the midst of vineyards some 25 km apart from any settlement the huge Alaverdi Monastery rises above the plains. Another 12 km north east on the foot of the Great Caucasus we entered the gorge of the river Stori and on one the most dangerous roads started to climb up to Tusheti.

This winding gravel road is steep and has loose ground so it can only be driven by 4WDs. To reach Tusheti You have to cope with this road up to Abano Pass, 2.950 m, the highest "drivable" pass of the Caucasus. Here on the decline of Abano Pass Tusheti National Reserve begins. But the road does not improve ...

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Video: itinerary from Tbilisi to Tusheti