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Trinidad is one of the oldest settlements in Cuba founded by spanish conquistadoes in 1514 as base for their (unveiling) search for gold. In the end of 16th century Trinidad was a capital of smuggle and piracy. During 18th century Trinidad became a centre of the White Gold, sugar, and slavery. Trinidad's sugar barons got immensly rich especially in Valle des Ingenios. The decline came in 19th century: During the wars for independance many sugar plantations were devastated, sugar production and transportation became more and more mechanised and expensive by steam engines and railways. American investors took over. Bomm years ended byx competition of other cuban regions and european production uf sugar beets. After the revolution the district was a base of the Contras until 1965. Today Trinidad has 50.000 inhabitants who mainly live on tourism. Travellers can breathe the pitoresque athmosphere of an open-air museum.