Founded in 1901 as a private institution the Cienfuegos Province Botanical Garden today is amongst the largest collections of orchids, palm trees, ficuses and bamboos both endemic and from all over the world. The Jardín Botánico de Cienfuegos, 15 km from Cienfuegos city centre, extends over 97 hectares and is Monumento Nacional of Cuba.

The area is very large, but nice to walk - if weather is comfortable and not this hot and humid as it was during our visit in november ...

Despite our pouring sweat I gladly can pronounce that our trip was wonderful. Not only because our car got an unrequested washing, but also we had a very pleasant afternoon in the enclosed bar when Candida Beaton, a local singer and guitarist, appeared and presented his versions of "Che Guevara Song (Hasta Siempre Comandante)" and "Que Sas". You can listen to this and even watch Candida Beaton in the video at the end of this gallery (as I didn't ajust my camera  properly I had to insert some stills into the video; the music instead was recorded continuously). 

Via internet You can hardly find profound information concerning the Jardín, maybe this site run by Cuba's Youth Computer Club, a company of the Ministry of Communications of Cuba: http://www.ecured.cu/Jardín_Botánico_de_Cienfuegos