Jinja on the northern coast of the Victoria Lake was founded in early 20th century as a commercial place is with 72.000 inhabitants the 14th biggest town in Uganda and has a far greater significance for Uganda’s economy. The Kakira Sugar Works as the biggest employer refers to the economical history and importance of immigration to Uganda as this company is a member of the Madhvani Group. It’s founder Mulji Prabhudas Madhvani migrated from India in 1908/12. He and his family developed widespread commercial and industrial enterprises including oil, finance, soap and brewery. After a ban for Indians and other immigrants in 1972 by Idi Amin they started to return in 1982 and rebuild their empire. Until 1982 the Nile Breweries belonged to Madhvani Group. Today with Nile special Uganda’s best beer – to my taste – is brewed here by Jinja’s second biggest employer.

Having a pleasant climate Jinja harbours a big community of “expatriates” many of whom are in leisure industry.

As I had just a few hours Dani led me to many buildings in Jinja that had been erected by Indians during the British colonial times. Some have been renovated after the return of the Indians. But there is still a lot of mansions which decline slowly resembling the urban layout in Cuba. Due to the commonly low income some of the houses are squatted.

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