At Jinja der Victoria Nile leaves  Lake Victoria to flow as the White Nile some 4.000 kms north through Uganda, South Sudan and Sudan, where it unites with the Blue Nile, to end in the Mediterranean See. Its level in Jinja is about 1.100 m which seems not much in relation to its length. On its first kms the Victoria Nile used to have several rapids an waterfalls who mostly have vanished  due to dams genrating electric energy. These embarkments even elevated the surface of Lake Victoria.

The outflow of the Victoria Nile at Jinja is the spot John Hanning Speke claimed as the source of the Nile in 1862. The banks of the river still are a great area to explore wildlife of birds what Dani helped me to do. The results are shown here.

On that boat trip we passed the Memorial of Mahatma Gandhi, who's ashes - according to his last wish - were scattered here. Just another reminder of the link between India and Africa.

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