The Lake Mburo National Park is one of the smallest of Uganda. It has 370 sq km and is situated on 1800 m in the south of the Western Region. Wildlife consists of zebra, hippopotamus, impala, warthog, common eland, African buffalo, jackal, African leopard and some 300 species of birds. A single lion is said to have immigrated. We diid not happen to see carnivores here but walked across thr remnants of a zebra torn by hyenas.

As appeared to us there is pressure of cattle farmers of the area on the borrders of park. In 1985 the park was halved after it had been occupied and partly destroyed by previous residents.

The climate seems to be the typical pleasent one of equatorial Uganda: Alternating rain and sunshine.

UWA-site, Lake Mburo information portal, Official website

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