Ruhija is a village inside the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and offers several accomodations for visitors who want to do a Gorilla tracking - in fact each and every visitor to Uganda wants to. We arrived at the eve before our tracking was scheduled (booking is recommended up to one year in advance). As the following day was announced "Gorillas in mist" there was a slight rain in that night, but nothing to worry about. Even on this elevation of some 2.300 m the mild Ugandan climate kept us comfortable. So it was a pleasure to taste some Amarula - a fairly suitable drink on this occasion.

On the next afternoon after the Gorilla tracking we vistied the village and especially Patience' snack bar where Patience served her delicious Guacamole with potato chips plus a Nile beer. She also led us to the Community Little Angels Orphanage School. People here are not only very poor compared to us vistors. They also suffer from deseases like Malaria and HIV/AIDS (hopefully not Ebola) and accidents. We had some very moving moments with these kids.

Ruhija Gorilla Mist Camp, Open Street Map, Mapcarta

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