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Who I am

As an amateur photographer since maybe 25 years I am still fond of taking photos at any event or landscape. It is fun to never stop learning.

I am based in Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany.

My love to taking pictures emerged in the early 90s when I travelled a lot with my friend Arthur: West Africa, East Africa, Maghreb, Arabia. Until now You can find not only travel photography on this site but also a lot of event documentary like music and sports. As I try to spread my capabilities there are some landscapes, skies, timelapses, animals, plants, people, Berlin, museums, cities, nature, Cuba, Italy, Franconia, Germany, cars, Georgia, some weddings. Very miscellaneous I think.

The pic on the right was taken in Torres Del Paine NP, Chile, by another travelling friend of mine: Steffen Faradi. We were part of a group of amateur photographers led by Gunther Wegner, a pro, on a breathtaking tour throughout Patagonia. People, I can tell You, this has been the trip of my lifetime. Some time this year, 2017, I will show these pictures.


Matthias Gehricke